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Our gifts are cherished reminders of all the wonderful and iconic places for anyone that has spent time in Africa

  • All of our products are 100% handmade locally in Cape Town

  • We work with local workforce and support the community of Cape Town

  • Our products are fun & original and our illustrations are unique

  • Our providers are all from South Africa to support local businesses

  • We provide to curio shops, game lodges, boutique hotels, airports, gift stores and much more. 

  • We can also personalise products on demand


If you wish to become a wholesale partner, please contact us directly.
We will get in touch with you and send you our wholesale prices.

The Sugarbird creates unique handmade themed products and gifts curated from all the best South African experiences.


We design and illustrate all the iconic places in South Africa.


We design, create and provide unique souvenirs to curio shops, game lodges, boutique hotels, airports, gift stores and much more.


Our collection consists of personalised unique mementos and souvenirs perfect for any South African experience 100 % made in Africa, Cape Town.


We incorporate a creative ideology through illustration and graphic design which exemplifies the iconic landscape that is woven through the rich tapestry that is South Africa. 


These include providing unique souvenirs to curio shops, game lodges, hotel boutiques, airports and gift stores.


The Sugarbird believes in pushing creative boundaries that provide gifts, items and creative solutions to those industries that share in our authentic vision. 


We love to work closely with these individuals to find out what their needs are. If you have an idea of what your customers require, we will help you create it!

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